The ENL and Aenderse revolution

During the latest few days, there has been great unrest in the Aenderese republic. This has led to multiple resignations and great critique of the Jay/Nich regime. Influential individuals like William Efton, Andy and Haeden have resigned.

During this widespread discontent, two new anti-government forces have emerged the PRGAR(Provisional revolutionary government of the Aenderese Republic) and the NLA(National liberation army).

Flag of the PRGAR

The PRGAR was founded on the 21st of January 2018 by Chau Khang. The effort seems to have been spearheaded by Aenderese VP Komradedoge, former Aenderese VP and P William Efton, and the president of the PRGAR Chau Khang.

The PRGAR is a communist pseudo-democracy and will most likely remain so for a while. Its main function seems to be replacing the new government of Aenderia or becoming a new Aenderia separate from the original republic. How this government evolves will have to be seen however it could pose a serious threat to the original republic.

The PRGAR president Chau Khang insists the nation is not a dictatorship, this is due to that the SDPA and KNPA being allowed and there are elections for the cabinet and national assembly. However, there is critique to draw from the fact that there are no presidential elections and that only two parties are allowed.

The flag of the NLA, the ENL stands for “Ejercito Nacional por Libertad”

The NLA is, however, the most likely threat to the original republic. Its main purpose is to oppose the Jay/Nich regime by any means necessary:

“Whether it be by the quill and the olive branch or by fists and iron, the People will be free of tyranny” – Leader of the NLA

When asked about the purpose of the NLA, the leader answered:

“The ENL (which seeks to work with the PRGAR XPSR and SDPA) is an army focused on the liberation of the People from the Aenderese government slowly stripping them of rights. The establishment must hastily be removed and replaced, whether it be by the quill and the olive branch or by fists and iron, the People will be free of tyranny. The salvation of all peoples, of all backgrounds, faiths, and races, genders and identities, ages and educations, including the establishment which so hinders the state and all that lay under it. The people are put first, a free state is put first. Let us fight for our rights, our honour, our liberty! The star of freedom shines brightly upon the lands and seas of Aenderia! For Honour, For Glory! Resistance, War, Victory! Aenderium Viva!”

We will see how effective the NLA is, however one potential weapon of the movement would be mass exits from the Aenderia server to some alternative server, however that is just speculation. The NLA is based in PRGAR, and it is to be seen when it will rear its head in Aenderia.

The SDPA, PRGAR and XPSR have not responded to wether they will work with the NLA, however, considered all these organisations are against the Jay/Nich regime it is very well possible they will.

We will continue to follow the issue! If you have an opinion piece or any other information on the issue, write to us via the contact page.

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