Aenderia pulls out of the IEU

It is soon official, Aenderia is set to pull out of the IEU effective January 22, 2018, 12 pm. This is a huge move for the Aenderian government considering that the IEU has been a cornerstone of Aenderian foreign policy for quite some time, and it can also be criticized from a democratic standpoint since there was no vote on the issue in the house(which is currently dissolved) or amoung the people of Aenderia.

Map during the Robertson Sea Conflict

The IEU has long been united as a bloc against the Gilzem government, being at war with it for considerable parts of its early history, it experienced its golden age in around October/November 2018 however has been on the steady decline since then. With Aenderia leaving, the IEU will only have Matachewan and Nerdystan as members.

When asked about the recent turn of events, Nerdystan leader Piotr replied:

“We gave them support, tried to help, we fought for democracy and everything will now collapse. … I think, that Aenderian leaving can cause really big problems, but as the IEU is democratic, we cannot refuse it. I think that a problem is, that Auvenum joined the IEU and Aenderia… well has a problem with Auvenum because it seceeded illegally(it was a part of Aenderia).”

To say the least, he was very dissapointed, when President Nicholous was asked why he decided the Aenderia should leave the IEU he answered:

“The IEU has no support for the nation, we gain no benefit, if we want to progress then we must leave it behind” to which Nerdystan leader Piotr replied ” Aenderia just… had no idea, how to make progress,
we could help them, but their effort is essential”

When asked on the issue of foreign policy Nicholous answered that the new Aenderian foreign policy will be:

“A grading system of nations, that will hopefully be the first thing the new House will help write”

We at The Democrat have started a poll on the issue of the IEU, we recommend our readers to answer and the results will be edited into this article.


  • 37.5% support leaving the IEU
  • 37.5% support rejoining the IEU
  • 25% are unsure

We will continue to follow the issue! If you have an opinion piece or any other information on the issue, write to us via the contact page.

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