The Aenderian resistence continues

The flag of the Aenderian Revolt

On the 22nd of January 2019 the Aenderian secret police were complete in their infiltration of the PRGAR and NLA and some of the membership of these organisations were noted for prosecution for treason, however other members will face negotiations from the Aenderian government to end their resistance to the Randouler regime.

Despite this, the resistance continues to operate and according to The Democrat reports is gaining steam in some regards. A resistence movement callled the Aenderian Revolt is also stepping out from the shadows now. Its purpose is to organise the fractures movements in the NLA and PRGAR and coordinate a response to the Randouler regime. Their leader said this when pressed for comment:

“The goal of the Aenderian Revolt is to reform the government. Wipe it all clean and fix it all. I as ONE of the heads of the revolt do not like how Nick and Jay are reforming the government. We want to take control of Aenderia again and bring true democracy. The people have never even had a say if they want a new constitution nick is just doing all these things without approval. Once we take control the republic will be renamed to The Republic Of Great Aenderia. We will put in a President and a Vice President. Then there will be the President Cabinet. There will also be a Council Of Electives and the House Of People. The HOP vote on all laws then the COE then the vice president can semi veto it witch means the COE needs to vote on it again. then the president views it. If he veto’s it the HOP need a 2/3rds majority and the COE needs a 100% vote. The Aenderian flag will be changed back to the flag of the original republic After a month of reforming the Revolt will hold its elections. We have already started working with the communist revolt and we wish to work with the liberation army. Now i need the people of Aenderia to rise up against this dictator. Do you want someone like nick to rule us and jay who tried to make us a socialist state ruled by a communist party. No, you probably do not. If you want to join us you will be reached out to. Long live Aenderia.”

How this revolt will pan out is however uncertin, it is however prominent and will most likely become the main figure in the current conflict. There is a risk that Aenderia might split in twain if ties continue to strain between the revolutionaries and the Nicholous regime. Something Nicholous responded to by stating that justice has to be served, but when possible he will negotiate with the revolutionaries. Do you think Aenderia will split? Please answer our poll!

We will continue to follow the issue! If you have an opinion piece or any other information on the issue, write to us via the contact page.

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