The Randouler press conference

On the 22nd of January 2019 Nicholous Randouler held a press conference in tangent with the Aenderese secret police having infiltrated rebell hideouts.

Regarding the revolutionary movement, Nich stated that Chau Khang will not be negotiated with and will be charged with treason, same will be done with some other prominent members of the revolution which he neglected to mention. Otherwise, he stated his intent to negotiate with the revolt. He also stated that he believed the revolutionaries wanted the best for Aenderia, but they were not doing so in a democratic manner and therefore were disconnected to the people of Aenderias needs and desires.

Nich affirmed his decision to make Aenderia leave the IEU. His main argument for the departure was that the IEU was a remnant of an old age, and he wanted to move on to more advanced micronational organisations such as the GUM. He stated that via executive order it was his right to make the decision. He also stated that if there is popular demand, that Aenderia could become an observer state.

Nich stated that his new foreign policy will be unique in being very pro-Auvenum. He wishes to write a treaty with Auvenum and use this treaty to mark an end to the conflicts between Aenderia and Auvenum.

Nich said he wanted to create an economy, and that the establishment of newspapers could help in that. He desired to create a currency back in US or Canadian dollars.

Nich stated that he does not want any state-media and supports the free press.

He also announced that in February there would be presidential elections, on the note of the presidency he also mentioned that he had no intent to hand over the presidency to Jay Clover and that he was rightfully picked to become president for a good reason. He said that holding elections for president too soon would cause instability.

He also announced that parties would be banned in the new constitution. He stated that this has worked for other nations. However, we at The Democrat would like to mention that this change would violate the UDHR and limit the ability of citizens to organise themselves.

On an ending note, he said that he wants to move Aenderia forward to prosperity and that he wants to work with the HoE.

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