Expansions in the state and interiour ministry

Today Milaw Oakforrest announced that the state department is going to be establishing a policeforce and a lawyer-core to catch criminals and prosecute them.

” The ministry of state will begin to work on establishing policing forces to ensure the rule of law. The state ministry is also going to be assembling a team of lawyers to work in defense and prosecution on trials started by the police forces. This team of lawyers will be available to other ministries of the republic. ” – Milaw Oakforrest, Minister of state and the interiour

This would be the first official police force of Aenderia that could catch and prosecute criminals in a systemic way. This would help curb Aenderian crime, however, the estimated extent of crime in Aenderia is not rather large.

This is also one of the first times that an Aenderian ministry gets expanded beyond the minister and one or two other people. This means that for the first time there will be a propor beurocratic machine that will be passed on from minister to minister. When asked Milaw responded:

“I hope that I am laying the groundwork to something bigger and that in the future Aenderia will be a robust state able to execute the wills of its laws.”

Considering however that Aenderian crime is virtually non-existent it could be questioned why energy is being invested in fighting it. To this Milaw answered:

“We do not know how Aenderia develops, if we develop positivly and our population expands crime will follow, having a robust structure in place will make things easier to deal with in the future.”

The Randouler deletion crisis

For the last couple of days there was been crisis in Aenderia. The cause of this crisis is the wildly unpopular Randouler regime. After immense public preassure Randouler imposed limited checks on his balances by appointing a vice-president, not even holding an election for the position, which we at the democrat find baffeling for a self-proclaimed democratic government.

The vice-president appointed happened to be Milaw Oakforrest. Upon assuming office she immediatly reinstated the house and started the impeachment process for unconstitutional behavior.

Upon hearing of this Nicholous Randouler debated the merits of his government with Milaw Oakforrest. Once the debate had concluded he declared Aenderia a nation of backstabbers and announced Aenderia would be dissolved. Shortly after Milaw Oakforrest opened a new Aenderia server.

It seiftly adopted a new constitution and then was declared a direct democracy until elections on the 8th of Febuary.

Currently the republic looks stable, however we will continue to follow the story! If you want to inform us of anything or write your own article for the democrat, go to contact us.

Emperor Johnathan I of Austenasia gladly becomes an observer of Aenderia

Emperor Johnathan I of Austenasia gladly accepted an invitation from Acting Vice President Milaw Oafkorrest on February 2nd to the overwhelming greetings of the people in Aenderia.

It all resulted from a sudden friend request sent to Milaw by the Emperor, who stated that His reason for ‘friend-requesting’ Milaw was so that he could get to know the people in his community better.

Milaw graciously accepted the request but felt conflicted enough as to respond to the Emperor with the question ‘Your imperial highness, to what do I owe the pleasure of a friend request?’ She would eventually go on to invite the Emperor to Aenderia under the suggestion of William Efton, a request which he accepted.The event caused many to be surprised and many were happy of His Highness’s sudden entry into Aenderia. Milaw responded to our request for comment, saying: “Jonathan gave me a friend request stating he wished to know the micronational community in greater detail. I swiftly introduced him to Aenderia and invited him to be an observer. This was in hope as that a greater understanding of Aenderia outside our nation could take place. Hopefully this understanding can lead to great things in the future.”

Others also reacted to the event positively, with Former President Jayden Lycon saying this about the event: “I thank Jonathan I to consider and accept our invitation to the Aenderese Fifth Republic. I hope that he will sincerely enjoy his visit in the Republic.”

Some also took the chance they had to immediately go after the Randouler-Gilzem support structure, with Haeden Eden saying: “I think that the others over in Auvenum and Verus will see this event as a sign that we are people who are rising without their presence. Someone with such of a high Honor as Emperor Johnathan I shall not be treated as a symbol of fame, but rather a person needed to begin our gracious path into peace and prosperity.

We here at the Democrat also wish the Emperor a delightful stay in Aenderia. We believe that he will be a better point of contact for us in the micronational community.

This Article was written by William Efton

The Randouler press conference

On the 22nd of January 2019 Nicholous Randouler held a press conference in tangent with the Aenderese secret police having infiltrated rebell hideouts.

Regarding the revolutionary movement, Nich stated that Chau Khang will not be negotiated with and will be charged with treason, same will be done with some other prominent members of the revolution which he neglected to mention. Otherwise, he stated his intent to negotiate with the revolt. He also stated that he believed the revolutionaries wanted the best for Aenderia, but they were not doing so in a democratic manner and therefore were disconnected to the people of Aenderias needs and desires.

Nich affirmed his decision to make Aenderia leave the IEU. His main argument for the departure was that the IEU was a remnant of an old age, and he wanted to move on to more advanced micronational organisations such as the GUM. He stated that via executive order it was his right to make the decision. He also stated that if there is popular demand, that Aenderia could become an observer state.

Nich stated that his new foreign policy will be unique in being very pro-Auvenum. He wishes to write a treaty with Auvenum and use this treaty to mark an end to the conflicts between Aenderia and Auvenum.

Nich said he wanted to create an economy, and that the establishment of newspapers could help in that. He desired to create a currency back in US or Canadian dollars.

Nich stated that he does not want any state-media and supports the free press.

He also announced that in February there would be presidential elections, on the note of the presidency he also mentioned that he had no intent to hand over the presidency to Jay Clover and that he was rightfully picked to become president for a good reason. He said that holding elections for president too soon would cause instability.

He also announced that parties would be banned in the new constitution. He stated that this has worked for other nations. However, we at The Democrat would like to mention that this change would violate the UDHR and limit the ability of citizens to organise themselves.

On an ending note, he said that he wants to move Aenderia forward to prosperity and that he wants to work with the HoE.

The Aenderian resistence continues

The flag of the Aenderian Revolt

On the 22nd of January 2019 the Aenderian secret police were complete in their infiltration of the PRGAR and NLA and some of the membership of these organisations were noted for prosecution for treason, however other members will face negotiations from the Aenderian government to end their resistance to the Randouler regime.

Despite this, the resistance continues to operate and according to The Democrat reports is gaining steam in some regards. A resistence movement callled the Aenderian Revolt is also stepping out from the shadows now. Its purpose is to organise the fractures movements in the NLA and PRGAR and coordinate a response to the Randouler regime. Their leader said this when pressed for comment:

“The goal of the Aenderian Revolt is to reform the government. Wipe it all clean and fix it all. I as ONE of the heads of the revolt do not like how Nick and Jay are reforming the government. We want to take control of Aenderia again and bring true democracy. The people have never even had a say if they want a new constitution nick is just doing all these things without approval. Once we take control the republic will be renamed to The Republic Of Great Aenderia. We will put in a President and a Vice President. Then there will be the President Cabinet. There will also be a Council Of Electives and the House Of People. The HOP vote on all laws then the COE then the vice president can semi veto it witch means the COE needs to vote on it again. then the president views it. If he veto’s it the HOP need a 2/3rds majority and the COE needs a 100% vote. The Aenderian flag will be changed back to the flag of the original republic After a month of reforming the Revolt will hold its elections. We have already started working with the communist revolt and we wish to work with the liberation army. Now i need the people of Aenderia to rise up against this dictator. Do you want someone like nick to rule us and jay who tried to make us a socialist state ruled by a communist party. No, you probably do not. If you want to join us you will be reached out to. Long live Aenderia.”

How this revolt will pan out is however uncertin, it is however prominent and will most likely become the main figure in the current conflict. There is a risk that Aenderia might split in twain if ties continue to strain between the revolutionaries and the Nicholous regime. Something Nicholous responded to by stating that justice has to be served, but when possible he will negotiate with the revolutionaries. Do you think Aenderia will split? Please answer our poll!

We will continue to follow the issue! If you have an opinion piece or any other information on the issue, write to us via the contact page.

Aenderia pulls out of the IEU

It is soon official, Aenderia is set to pull out of the IEU effective January 22, 2018, 12 pm. This is a huge move for the Aenderian government considering that the IEU has been a cornerstone of Aenderian foreign policy for quite some time, and it can also be criticized from a democratic standpoint since there was no vote on the issue in the house(which is currently dissolved) or amoung the people of Aenderia.

Map during the Robertson Sea Conflict

The IEU has long been united as a bloc against the Gilzem government, being at war with it for considerable parts of its early history, it experienced its golden age in around October/November 2018 however has been on the steady decline since then. With Aenderia leaving, the IEU will only have Matachewan and Nerdystan as members.

When asked about the recent turn of events, Nerdystan leader Piotr replied:

“We gave them support, tried to help, we fought for democracy and everything will now collapse. … I think, that Aenderian leaving can cause really big problems, but as the IEU is democratic, we cannot refuse it. I think that a problem is, that Auvenum joined the IEU and Aenderia… well has a problem with Auvenum because it seceeded illegally(it was a part of Aenderia).”

To say the least, he was very dissapointed, when President Nicholous was asked why he decided the Aenderia should leave the IEU he answered:

“The IEU has no support for the nation, we gain no benefit, if we want to progress then we must leave it behind” to which Nerdystan leader Piotr replied ” Aenderia just… had no idea, how to make progress,
we could help them, but their effort is essential”

When asked on the issue of foreign policy Nicholous answered that the new Aenderian foreign policy will be:

“A grading system of nations, that will hopefully be the first thing the new House will help write”

We at The Democrat have started a poll on the issue of the IEU, we recommend our readers to answer and the results will be edited into this article.


  • 37.5% support leaving the IEU
  • 37.5% support rejoining the IEU
  • 25% are unsure

We will continue to follow the issue! If you have an opinion piece or any other information on the issue, write to us via the contact page.

The ENL and Aenderse revolution

During the latest few days, there has been great unrest in the Aenderese republic. This has led to multiple resignations and great critique of the Jay/Nich regime. Influential individuals like William Efton, Andy and Haeden have resigned.

During this widespread discontent, two new anti-government forces have emerged the PRGAR(Provisional revolutionary government of the Aenderese Republic) and the NLA(National liberation army).

Flag of the PRGAR

The PRGAR was founded on the 21st of January 2018 by Chau Khang. The effort seems to have been spearheaded by Aenderese VP Komradedoge, former Aenderese VP and P William Efton, and the president of the PRGAR Chau Khang.

The PRGAR is a communist pseudo-democracy and will most likely remain so for a while. Its main function seems to be replacing the new government of Aenderia or becoming a new Aenderia separate from the original republic. How this government evolves will have to be seen however it could pose a serious threat to the original republic.

The PRGAR president Chau Khang insists the nation is not a dictatorship, this is due to that the SDPA and KNPA being allowed and there are elections for the cabinet and national assembly. However, there is critique to draw from the fact that there are no presidential elections and that only two parties are allowed.

The flag of the NLA, the ENL stands for “Ejercito Nacional por Libertad”

The NLA is, however, the most likely threat to the original republic. Its main purpose is to oppose the Jay/Nich regime by any means necessary:

“Whether it be by the quill and the olive branch or by fists and iron, the People will be free of tyranny” – Leader of the NLA

When asked about the purpose of the NLA, the leader answered:

“The ENL (which seeks to work with the PRGAR XPSR and SDPA) is an army focused on the liberation of the People from the Aenderese government slowly stripping them of rights. The establishment must hastily be removed and replaced, whether it be by the quill and the olive branch or by fists and iron, the People will be free of tyranny. The salvation of all peoples, of all backgrounds, faiths, and races, genders and identities, ages and educations, including the establishment which so hinders the state and all that lay under it. The people are put first, a free state is put first. Let us fight for our rights, our honour, our liberty! The star of freedom shines brightly upon the lands and seas of Aenderia! For Honour, For Glory! Resistance, War, Victory! Aenderium Viva!”

We will see how effective the NLA is, however one potential weapon of the movement would be mass exits from the Aenderia server to some alternative server, however that is just speculation. The NLA is based in PRGAR, and it is to be seen when it will rear its head in Aenderia.

The SDPA, PRGAR and XPSR have not responded to wether they will work with the NLA, however, considered all these organisations are against the Jay/Nich regime it is very well possible they will.

We will continue to follow the issue! If you have an opinion piece or any other information on the issue, write to us via the contact page.

Aenderian communism

On the 21st of January Jay Clover declared Aenderia a communist nation. Saying:

“We are introducing a new Idiology, communism. Everyone will be equal if it doesn’t work out we will go by the ideas of the people”

There was never a referendum on the issue and several people have voiced their concerns, prominent opposition leader Logan started a change.org petition for Aenderia to revert back into its old form of governance. This issue was also brought up by Jayden Lyncoln saying:

“Jay Clover and multiple members as just illegally announced that Aenderia was communist (w/o ref.) Investigation and emergency state council as formed in Aenderia. BR, Jayden Lycon”

We will continue to follow the issue! If you have an opinion piece on the issue, write to us via the contact page.

EDIT: Since Nicholous Randouler came to power communism in Aenderia has been abolished.